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Go From Overwhelmed And Anxious
Confident And In Control

Learn to effectively deal with chronic anxiety and get your life back

If you’re struggling with the debilitating symptoms of anxiety and you’ve had enough of uncomfortable heart palpitations, sleepless nights, negative intrusive what-if thoughts. If you’re sick of  overthinking, feeling alone and misunderstood.  If you hate the side effects of expensive medication, limitations and being held back from doing the things you need/want to do or low quality of life because you feel unable to cope with your worries.  If you’re feeling down on yourself and worthless because you can’t get ahead of your anxiety, I want you to pay very close attention to this letter…

My name is Rita Haley, LMHC,  and I am writing this to you from Boston, Massachusetts. I am a licensed psychotherapist and specialize in the treatment of anxiety and stress-related disorders.  I have helped hundreds of people learn to successfully decrease their symptoms of anxiety and improve their quality of life, confidence and general sense of well-being.  After seeing so many people struggling with distressing, debilitating unmanaged symptoms of anxiety (many of whom are pushed to take medications they don’t need or want and/or are unable to find an available quality therapist) I decided to put a stop to the BS and finally create a solution so that you can get the help you need to effectively deal with your distressing anxiety and feel an improved sense of control over your life and your well-being.

Why Most People Struggle to Overcome Their Distressing Chronic Anxiety…

The biggest reason that I see folks like you struggle with their overwhelming, chronic debilitating anxiety is because most other solutions in the industry (outside of true psychotherapy) do not focus on fixing the root cause of anxiety. 

Medication, including microdosing, and meditation apps treat the symptoms of anxiety and do not teach you the necessary behavioral skills nor cognitive strategies to get at the source of what is causing your anxiety.  Instead, they only focus on putting a proverbial Band-Aid over the surface level “symptoms” of debilitating, chronic anxiety.  

Additionally, anxiety is normal.  That is right!  Sometimes, you are going to feel anxious. The more you try to stop feeling anxious, the more anxious you will become.  We must all learn to live with all emotions, including anxiety, so if you do not change your thinking about anxiety and your sole goal is to control anxiety and stop it from happening, then you will forever feel like anxiety is managing your life instead of you feeling in control of your anxiety.

If you want to feel a sense of empowerment over your life and your anxiety, learn to live with your anxiety and decrease the amount of time you feel anxious, decrease the intensity of distressing symptoms and improve your overall quality of life, if you want to learn strategies to take control of your overwhelming anxiety and get to the source of your debilitating, chronic anxiety, then my program may be for you.  

With my new Emotional Survival Guide: Deconstructing Anxiety and Go From ,  I have created a process that suffers of chronic, distressing anxiety can use to solve their anxiety related problems once and for all and finally get the quality of  life they want and deserve.

My track record of success includes hundreds of clients I have worked with over the years who have reported an increased sense of well-being, decreased symptoms of anxiety and increased confidence in themself as a result of working with me.  I get countless referrals from previous and existing clients, physicians offices and hospitals.  I have streamlined the methods  I use to help folks overcome their anxiety and created this course as an alternative to individual therapy, thus helping folks access quality therapeutic services at a reasonable cost.

I Set Out To Create The PERFECT Solution For Problems Caused by Distressing, Uncontrolled Anxiety...

Inside of this program, I have left no stone unturned. 

Here is EVERYTHING you’re going to learn:

  • How to calm your body so that you decrease heart palpitations and other uncomfortable sensory related, physiological symptoms of anxiety
  • How to calm your mind and body so that you sleep better at night and get deeper, more restorative sleep
  • How to calm your mind so that you have less negative, intrusive racing thoughts
  • How to build stress tolerance so that you have better tolerance of your anxiety when it happens and you do not feel afraid of it, or like something bad is about to happen
  • How to change your thinking so that you get to the source of your anxiety and feel a sense of empowerment over your life and that you are in charge of your anxiety instead of your anxiety being in charge of you
  • How to improve your ability to cope with anxiety so you feel an improved sense of empowerment, confidence and sense of worth. 
  • How to feel more comfortable with your own body and how you experience your anxiety so you can feel more relaxed and better able to sleep
  • How to challenge your thinking so you can improve your advocacy skills to go after a raise, say no to things you don’t want to do, end a job or relationship that isn’t working for you, feel less limited in your life and the things you want to do

For most folks with problematic anxiety trying to solve anxiety-related impairments and problems can take months or even years of time and cost anywhere from $500 to $8,000 a year! (With insurance coverage, a $20 co-payment for bi-weekly psychotherapy appointments is $520 a year!  Out of pocket expenses can equal $3900 - 5200 for  60 minute bi-weekly psychotherapy appointments!)

How Much Is The Investment?

The investment to join this program at LAUNCH is going to be $1200. 

But, for the duration of our beta program (likely just over the next 2-4 weeks) I am discounting the price to $800 for the next 10 people who join. 

To make it a true no-brainer, you don’t even need to pay-in-full now. All I’m asking for is a $50 fully refundable deposit to show that you’re serious so that I can know exactly how many people will be in the initial beta group.

My Iron-Clad Guarantee To You

I’m someone that likes to stand behind the work that I put out into the world.

That’s why when you join the program, I’m willing to offer the Emotional Survival Guide Guarantee.

This means, if you go through this program in this first beta group, implement everything that I’ll show you how to implement to decrease your symptoms of anxiety, and you DON’T immediately see a measurable improvement in your symptoms, I’ll work with you for FREE 1-1 until you do.

I’m In - What’s Next?

If you’ve read this letter and think this is the right fit for you, shoot me back a message saying “I’m in!” and I’ll get you set up 🙂 

First come, first serve. 10 spots only. Just a $50 fully refundable deposit to reserve your discounted spot.

Let me know if you’re in! Or, if you have any specific questions and want to chat. 

Rita Haley, LMHC, MaCCS

© Rita Haley, LMHC